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History of the company

20 years on the Slovak market


SOMAT history dates back to 1990 when the brand SOMAT, then under the heading of trade, began to promote on the building and construction market as a reliable and excellent supplier of central heating, gas installations, water installations and electrical installations. Continued growth in output volume and an increase in the number of customers and own staff, led to a change of legal form, which in 1998 transformed into SOMAT s.r.o. The company also developed a more customer-orientated tradition. Aware of how important quality is for the clients, company constantly pursued the objective of customer satisfaction, and meeting their requirements.

Specialization to services
In relation to outsourcing, our clients increasingly demanded management and comprehensive care for their technological devices or entire buildings. Therefore, in the year 2001 the company was split and SOMAT Services s.r.o was created, as a reflection of specialization in the field of management and comprehensive care for complex technological buildings.
SOMAT Services s.r.o takes over management of the business activities of SOMAT s.r.o. and begins to provide servicing and care for sanitary installations, cooling and air conditioning, heating, measuring and regulating, gas and electrical installations, pressure and other equipment, including servicing, maintenance, technical inspection and tests (revisions) to insure that their operation was reliable and safe.

Comprehensive Services
With a growing client list the company begins to carry out activities that are gradually added to a comprehensive portfolio of services in facility management. For challenging customers, many from the ranks of expanding foreign companies, SOMAT provides the full complexity of services necessary for the convenience of clients’ employees and their focus on their own performance.
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