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SOMAT Group a.s.

From construction activities through to the management and financing of constructions to comprehensive services in facility management.

In early 2009 the company successfully completed the transformation process, which combines three separate SOMAT companies into one stock company SOMAT Group a.s.

The aim of this transformation is to provide our clients with comprehensive services from construction to real estate management and a broad portfolio of facilities management services by one strong company. SOMAT Group a.s. extends activities in the areas of project management, construction works and performance of services, specializing in technical building equipment, management and consulting in construction and facility management.

At present, our experts in the field of facility management can help clients by taking on most of their problems and worries with supporting processes. From design, construction and equipping of premises, through to a comprehensive technology management, including actions under laws and regulations, servicing work, repairs and maintenance, facility protection, human resources, cleaning, supply of consumables and office supplies, rental of various machinery, to catering services, Health & Safety, Fire prevention and many other activities and services according to our clients requirements and wishes.

Transformation of the company is a change which continues the trend of commitment and care for our customers with the best service we can provide.
We take care is a fact reflected in our daily life, activities and work for our clients.
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