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To create the partnership within all aspects of the business relations belong to the basic philosophy and values of our companies.
The synergy of partnerships helps to increase the level of the quality, expertness and proficiency. Confirming of mutual trust ensures permanent progress, enlargement and improvement of provided services.

Libellius is a consulting company with a mission to provide its clients with a professional support in achieving their business targets. The corporate philosophy is based on the attitude of a family doctor who cares for the health of his clients.
Libellius provides services aimed to increase the performance of the management as well as sales teams. Experienced consultants cooperate with their clients on projects that enable reaching of targets both in short as well as in long-term horizon.

Slovak Association of Facility Management. The SAFM is the civil association for liberal cooperation development as well as for the information and experience interchanging among the specialists operating within the Facility Management.
The know-how and experience interchange within the Facility Management on the international level is applied in cooperation with the partners in other countries and with other relevant organizations based on the national and multinational company character.

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