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Introductory Word
Address of Chairman of the Board and company CEO.

Dear shareholders, business partners and colleagues,

Although we faced challenges throughout 2013, in terms of economic results it turned out to be a very succesful
year for our company. Financial crisis has strenghtened us in all fields of our activity. We managed to increase
our market share and stabilize our company. Performance efficiency, cost optimization and responsible
approach along with monitoring of our designated objectives, created benefits in form of positive business
results. The company stragegy proved to be correct and targets realistic.

I find it very positive that we managed to provide inovative products that can be applicable in practice and that
on top of well managed and reasonable cost cutting measures we can build our business plan.

Our decision to implement and certify the Quality management system that serves as a basic tool for constant
improvement and proffessional growth, has been well proven in practice.

I do not consider the last year`s success a permanent victory, it is just a confirmation of our ability to succeed.
I see great potential in people and their abilities. Individuality of each one of us has its place within the SOMAT
Group team. I am very proud that our company acquired people that have aligned their personalities with
company values that are respected as key element for common progress and success.

Therefore my appreciation and thanks for achieved results belongs mostly to all our employees and also
contractors who are essential pillars of our client business.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all our clients and business partners for their trust
vested in our company.

In 2014, we plan to focus on established trend. High standard and quality of provided services and
proffesionality of our performance remains to be the foundation of our success. Our mission „We take care“
has become part of our daily routine.

I wish all our partners, co-workers, colleagues and employees a successful 2014.

Ing. Marian Tóth
Chairman of the Board
SOMAT Group a.s.

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